Traveled To Denver For The First Time Ever

I had always wanted to visit Denver, Colorado, just because I had heard of how beautiful it was there. Recently a friend of mine moved there and was always posting pictures on social media. She also sent me other pictures that she didn’t always post on social media. She knew I really wanted to visit the area and told me once she was settled in and had a set schedule with work that I could come visit her. I couldn’t wait.

About a month after moving there she asked me when I was coming to visit. She let me know when she was free and I could come stay. I was able to get the time off of work and I had the money to travel there so it was going to work out. I was finally going to be able to see Denver myself. I made arrangements with her to pick me up from the airport and couldn’t wait to see what this beautiful city had in store for me.

I arrived in Denver and she picked me up from the airport. As we were driving to her home she was showing me different things along the way. I was amazed at the beauty of this city. I was taking it all in as we were driving. She told me she had made some plans to do different things while I was visiting and I couldn’t wait.

We arrived at her home and it was perfect. Later that evening we went out to eat and she showed me around Denver a little bit. We had a great weekend and I loved being able to see Denver. I am glad my friend moved there and invited me to stay for the weekend with her.

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